Friday, July 11, 2014

Turkish Delight

I don't know how many people still come back to this blog; I find myself reading though it every month or so. Feeling particularly sentimental, I sat down to reread the last few posts...from a cafe...in Istanbul. For those of you that don't know, Dad and I have been in Turkey for nearly a month and a are
preparing to return home tomorrow.  Zoe has been in Israel.  It seemed fitting that nearly 6 months after mom's death, and after a month of saying  "I wish mom was here; she would love this," that I should write my first blog post. So here I am, sitting in a cafe, typing away on my iPhone (forgive any typos), hoping the Turks sitting next to me don't realize I'm crying.
This trip was designed to end this chapter of our lives. We miss mom as much as we did the day after her passing and will continue to, but we look forward to the next stage of our lives: Zoe to start her junior year, me to start my gap year which will end with a backpacking trip around the world, and Dad to jump back into webcasting and writing. We continue to see our beloved Pittsburgh friends and family almost every week with whom we recall our fondest MJ memories. I am amazed by how much of her I see my family and in our friends. I hope to embrace her eagerness, bravery, and compassion as I embark on my trip later this year and in my life after. I carry her with me always and when I travel on this trip I will carry and disperse some of her ashes around the world. I think she would like that. I'll sign off now because I have already drunk too much caffeinated tea and need to meet up with Dad for our last dinner in Turkey. I will sign off the way she used to.