Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Accessorizing for hospice...

As of this week, we are officially in home hospice. Chemo is done (didn't help), IV nutrition is done (too hard on the liver) and we are settling in for some cozy time together (nice to do in this weather). The Belmont Tocci's are trekking across the storm laden Northeast to help us celebrate...and celebrate we will. Karen and Ann, two close buds from the Alameda District Attorneys Office, are also here to help with the festivities. More visitors to come.

We'll take one day at a time because.....well, because that's what there is.


  1. No one rocks a tichel like you, MJ! (Thank the goddess for google and PunkTorah.org; was about to call it a schmatta, quelle faux pas that would have been, I just learned!) Seriously, you are beautiful as always. I and I know all the Academy cohort continues to hold you close in our hearts through this time, sending prayers and thoughts for comfort, even as you continue to inspire and elevate us with your remarkable spirit.
    Thanks Jonathan for the update. Hugs to all of you.


  2. MJ - always gorgeous - inside and out. We love you so much!

  3. Please know that we are all celebrating with you. Holding you all in our hearts. Words cannot express....

    Linda Hernandez

  4. Rock on, MJ and family! Love and hugs from the drs. K

  5. Once in a great while, if you are very lucky, you get to meet someone like you, MJ, who teaches and inspires each of us to squeeze the gusto out of every minute. We all endeavor to be "present" but in you, MJ, it's like it's molecularly embedded. Thanks for showing us how it's done! Cheers, hugs, love, nancy and big T.

  6. May laughter and tears blanket you all--and record those stories, please! A life goes on and spirit never ends...thanks for blessing us with yours! Love to you all--jp

  7. How do you always look so gorgeous and sharp in everything you put on?!!
    How lucky I feel to have been blessed with you as my dear friend. Your spirit, love, friendship, unbelievable drive and dedication has helped me through my life during our 10 years together here in PGH. You have taught me and continue to teach me the true meaning of life, love, persistence, flexibility and the importance of patience. MJ..thank you for these things and so much more. You will always be a part of my life.

  8. Spent a few hours with you one Sat afternoon at a basketball game - memorable conversation and company, an instant bond to a strong and gorgeous soul. Quite an impression was made. So few of us know who we are - but you do, MJ. You just emanate confidence, and inspire with ease, and will others to tap into themselves and find the same thing. This long ago friend of Tim is grateful to have reconnected with the little bro and consequently to have had the pleasure and honor of meeting his adored big sis. To you and all the family I send my love, respect, and prayers always--
    Nina XO

  9. You never cease to amaze me and I am so thankful that our paths crossed. You have, and continue to be, a source of tremendous inspiration to me and many others. I can hear your always spirited and engaging voice reading the words of each blog post and it always brings a smile to my face. My prayers and support continue to be with you and your family. I long for the day when we can once again gather for laughs at the legal profession's expense. Until then, I'll be sure to keep their feet to the fire (albeit as an outsider now) and wear my WWMJD bracelet proudly wherever I go. I love you dearly. --Jen Cairns

  10. Layton writes--
    I am heartbroken. You, dear MJ, have given me so much more than friendship. You gifted me a sense of who I am and where I could go. You told me in your actions-- walks around the reservoir, on the beach, while concocting your amazing Sunday pasta red sauce-- that life is to be lived, enjoyed and that each of our essence continues on. You are the waves at Stinson Beach, the sunset on our sandcastles and the turquoise sunrise that greets me in the morning. You embody and 'emspirit' how to treat others, how to raise children, how to be a partner, a wife, a lover, a wonderful friend, how to advise and counsel --allowing each of us to believe it was something we came up with. You are bigger than life and because of that you will forever grace our thoughts and lives. I so wish I lived closer so I could kiss your gorgeous sexy chic face, hold your hand and tell you over and over that you do not, will not cease being a powerful force in my life. No matter where I am you remain a guiding voice in my head and heart.

    I love you so much Emmeline. You take a part of me with you--and, as much of you is embedded--a cherished gem-- with me.

    Debra June

  11. It's not often that a business partner becomes a dear and beloved friend...but that is what happened to us. I will always cherish the time spent with my beautiful business partner and her wonderful family. I love you with all my heart.xxxWarren

  12. Terry Lim writes--

    From first I met you and Jonathan I knew that we would be lifelong friends. I just never imagined that one of our lives could be cut so short. You are a bright, shining star that has given so much and deserves so much better. Despite the miles that separate us, I hope that you can feel the ache and love that I feel for you, Jonathan, Sam, and Zoey. You have lived your life with such grace and panache, I know that you will leave the same way... you are always leading and setting an shining example for others, I just wish you could have waited longer for this one.

    all my love,

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    1. Dear MJ, Jonathan, Sam and Zoe,
      I'm glad for this period of comfort and respite..as the McDonald's jingle says, "You deserve a break today!"
      I so wish though that the break would be that none of this is even happening, that everything is just a terrible nightmare...
      I'm sending lots of love and wishes for comfort and strength and hoping that they will help in some small way.

  14. Dearest MJ,
    You are the bomb:)
    You are grace; you are courage; you are warmth;
    You are love; you are beauty, inner and outer;
    You are lover - to Jonathan and to everyone, regardless of relationship and gender;
    You are mother - to Sam and Zoe and to everyone, regardless of relationship and age;
    You are friend - to everyone, regardless of relationship and age;
    You are wisdom; you are wit; you are joy;
    You will be forever; you are eternal...
    With all my love and lots of smooches,
    Cousin Susie

  15. Dearest MJ,
    Susie put it so very well. I am thinking: wIsdom with a wink. Watched you cherish family over and over -- remake your lives so that family could be at the center. And now family's there to cherish you. And I watched you breathe energy and skill into so many students. I love you from far away -- you keep teaching me. Love to you, and Jonathan and Sam and Zoe. -- Maude

  16. Dear MJ -- I wish I could be there to hug you in person. My God, there's a leaf on your car -- I came as fast as I could! No one ever inspired the way you do -- students and teachers alike. You are the best, unlike no one else. I miss you, and as I said, I wish I could be there to hug you in person. Much love to you and your family. Mark

  17. Dear MJ: Good memories are stirring as I write this --- of teaching times together, of watching you help mold young lawyers into great advocates, of marveling at your profound timing and sense of purpose. You were a wonderful example in those days, and I know you are even more so today --- at this moment --- with grace and courage. Thank you for your friendship, and for your everlasting example. Much love --- Doug

  18. Well, I knew her when she let me be her investigator on criminal trials we had together. We took turns being smarty-pants back and forth with each other. What a wonderful relationship we had. She was terrific to work for. I tried to keep her humble, but it was kind of boring, and almost impossible to do. I love you dearly. Keep up the determination you have, and know that you are dearly loved by everyone. All our love always.

  19. My dear MJ—You are an amazing human being. Working together so many years ago on the trial advocacy programs you came to be one of my great role models and mentors, professionally and personally. You are like a bright light that enlivens every room you walk into. Everyone who passes through our lives leaves an imprint of some sort; you have made an enormous one on me and on legions of others. You have shown us grace in the face of insurmountable obstacles. You will remain in my memories and in the memories of so many others whose lives you touched along the way. Love, Sharon

  20. Dear MJ,

    You are lovely as always -- and ever the attention to fashion. What you are confronting is unspeakably challenging. There are, I suspect, no words that can truly comfort. Please know this, though. You rocked, girl. You touched so many of us with your wicked smarts and disarming smile. You were supportive, and encouraging, and good to know. I feel privileged to count you as a professional friend, close enough to your soul to write and say thank you for being a part of my life.

    JoAnne Epps
    Dean, Temple Law School