Sunday, February 2, 2014

Its a Bird....Its a Plane......

Looks like life is always throws new twists and turns and we never know quite how we will land. Eventually we know we will, and the difference between a hard landing and a soft landing might just be who is there to catch you.
We have all had catchers in our lives, and many have had the opportunity to accept MJ’s arms to assist and help us thru challenging times. And we will reach out to give from whom we have received.
 We went to Joeys swim meet yesterday at Connecticut College. He dedicated his diving to his Aunt MJ, and won both events. Not sure how MJ arranged this, but no other divers showed up.
Grandma and Patty Blair came over to see Joey dive, and we had a good (while brief) visit. They talked about how great it was to see / reconnect with MJ last summer when she was in NY and we stayed at Patti’s rental house on Fire Island with the Blair’s for a couple of days.  They very much enjoyed your company.

Belmont Tocci’s on the way to Pittsburgh next week. Shall we bring a deck of cards????? 


  1. None of us should be amazed. MJ has powers of negotiation and determination even the diving gods would not think of challenging!

    MJ - We love you. You inspire me every day. Thank you for the example of how to live an exemplary life. This next patch is just another piece to experience and come through. You have given so much to so many - all are sending their love.
    I am holding you in my heart.

  2. Perfectly, beautifully said, Beth. Seconding every word.

  3. Even when indisposed MJ's still shaking things up! http://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/marketing/2014/02/super-bowl-ads-women-loved-and-hated.html?page=all

  4. Whoops, try this link instead. Ran in Pittsburgh Biz Times, picked up by NBC Philadelphia: