Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today is the 20th anniversary of the day MJ and I got married. The kids and I are doing our best, despite walking around in a fog. Lots of paperwork to complete. 

We've begun planning the memorial celebration - and I use the word celebration because MJ asked me to.  Unfortunately, the memorial has reached room capacity, so we are not able to accept any more RSVP's.  A video of the event, however, will be available. Details will be posted here.

Several of our friends have asked me to set up an educational fund for our children Sam and ZoĆ«.  If you would like to donate, please follow this link

Thank you.



  1. As beautiful now as you were then! Wonderful plan for the education fund--MJ will be delighted that her friends and husband provide quality education for the kids she loves so much. May we all give early...and often!

  2. what a beautiful and fun wedding it was! it's so hard to believe it is officially After. i'm sending the 3 of you hugs, and today they're especially big for you, jonathan.

  3. Words--- MJ's use of them, the power she yielded through them, the ever-lasting love she proudly spoke of for Zoe, Sam and JR--- in her absence, seem woefully inadequate. How can you catch a moonbeam in your hand... it's all so impossible to believe and yet.... if anyone could... it will be MJ.

    I will be there April 6th to celebrate you, MJ.
    You remain a presence here, now, forever.

  4. we love you all. jen, john and avery grace.

  5. Wow, what an amazing couple. The SciTech Family Are Thinking Of You All. Love to all, the kinchos

  6. Oh how I wish we could be there. If there's any way, we will, but will have to be there in spirit. Hoping you guys are coping as best you can. M&E

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