Monday, January 13, 2014

Chemo #3

Chemo #3 today. This is the first we've been able to manage at the prescribed interval...2 weeks after the last.

Law school chum Laurie Lyons is in town for a week, and will act as chemo buddy today. Laurie arrived yesterday and will stay until Saturday. We spent yesterday afternoon looking at photos that Laurie brought. Mostly the law school years in California...some I had never seen before. Very cool. What a BEAUTY....I married very well!

Thanks to all for the hobby suggestions. Speaking of hobbies, we just finished work on the MJ quilt. The quilt was spearheaded by Nan Elligator and Kristin Tsapis...and we all chipped in. Some of us learning how to sew for the first time ever (not mentioning any names). The quilt is composed of felted squares cut from wool sweaters (mostly sweaters past their prime, but maybe a couple of current ones too). Take a look:

Not bad eh?

Eager to see what this week is like after the chemo. We'll keep you posted.


  1. Beautiful quilt all you sew-ers. And so light and warm (I experienced it when I was there). May the chemo go well, and kick out those tumors. Love, Pola

  2. Gorgeous quilt. Love it. Thinking that it will be a good occupation when the Academy isn't calling. Not surprised that early shots of MJ were stunning... slight evidence of that even today ;-). Hugs to all of you

  3. Love issued from Northern Virginia to Negley St., Pittsburgh, orders of John Robert

  4. I had the pleasure of an afternoon visit with MJ and Jonathon today. I am inspired by their spirit and palpable love for one another. Found MJ relaxing on the couch, swaddled in said quilt.

    1. Oh thanks for the update. Am feeling out of touch being far away, so any bits and pieces like this help. Thank you Blink!

  5. Terry Ella and debbie are sending lots of love to our dearest bud, Emmeiline, her wonderful Knight and the younger residence in the castle.

    As Shakespeare once said, "life's just one enormous detour..." And you my amazing friend will make it to the endgame. xoxo

  6. Checking in from Northern Virginia...Jackie/Lee and Heather/I send our best wishes and love. Wagers over games of chance could also be part of the package as sought...xxxooo John Robert