Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two house calls on a single day!

Imagine that. Joe Kelley MD and Peter Tanzer MD came to the house to see MJ yesterday.... a reflection of how beloved she is by her doctors as well as family and friends. We're treating for pneumonia again, but this time, we're doing it at home. The last 36 hours have been rough, but things have settled down now that we've started IV antibiotics.

Still waiting for the chemo to do it's thing....


  1. Hi, mj and gang. Thinking about those hobby ideas for you (go ahead, you are welcome to tell me to go to &*÷#! Sorry to hear about pneumonia. Hang in. Ideas for hobbies- take up the guitar (I always wanted to learn; start writing your life story! Much love, kewm

  2. I actually had the writing down as an idea (long overdue by the way) and we both know someone who could help you get it (and the pneumonia) off your chest. Give her a call. Your fans demand it! :-) Miss you...................

  3. Grrrr, don't like this news, but glad to have an update. Be gone, pneumonia!

    Like both these hobby suggestions. Also love the guitar idea; I have one to lend if you'd like! Ultimately I see our heroine's story as a rock opera -- MJ Superstar? -- but even Andrew Lloyd Webber starts by putting pen to paper. I want to make a quip about who would play MJ, but am too pop-culture illiterate to say.... part Rosalind Russell + Patty Lupone?

  4. E-sitting next to cousin MJ, holding her e-hand, reminiscing about the B-ville family reunions from our youth. How lucky we were to grow up in such a loving and off-the-wall family... xxxooo John Robert

  5. Wish I could be there to sweep the floors, clean the lews, mop the windows, vacuum the yard--- anything to be near you.

    Violin, I understand, is a whiz to learn.....

    love you all debrajune

  6. if you ever find a minute in your 46 hour day.... my email is now:

    love love love you.... xoxo your tallest blondest baddest sis