Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worlds Greatest Sister

Hey – not sure I am in the right place. Just Googled “World’s Greatest Sister” and this name appeared. Is that you MJ?  And about this “greatest sister tag, is that a sponsored ad?
My memories of this greatest sister think are mixed. “Mom, Dad, Joey hit me again” comes to mind, and as I was being punished I can remember how bad you felt for getting me in trouble, showing the sad smile that you fought to suppress…except when Mom was not looking.

Do others know your “dark side” after high school when you professed to be a right wing conservative republican catholic. Then life changed when you found Bruce. Yes, Born to Run Bruce, the Liberal Democratic Jewish kid from the neighboring state, the friend and confidant of a young Chris Christi. I still remember stories of those 2 trying to get to a gig in NYC…the traffic on the bridge was a mess! Whodda thunk?

So, my trans-formative sister….I did try to dig deep and see if I could come up with a few positive influences you might have had on your family growing up. And I did remember one. You are always there. For me after High school when I needed a place to stay in Hartford, you opened your door. For Mom and Dad, as they aged and needed someone to support them mentally and physically, you were there. And any and all challenges any of us went through, your strong support, engagement, positive outlook and actions made everything easier….regardless of what you had going on.Those days are not forgotten.

So there are a few of us that are very proud of you, likely limited to your friends, family, and anyone that has come to know you. Love you and we are always thinking of you.

Gotta run. See you around the neighborhood. Off to Google “Worlds Meanest Sister’, will let you know what comes up!

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  1. Oh this was excellent! Tell us more, tell us more!