Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Hobby Hunt

This morning I was visiting with my dear Sister, MJ and realized that there is something that is currently lacking in her life.  She needs to find herself a good hobby.  So I am issuing a challenge to all of those reading this blog.
Here is where this is coming from.  We were talking today about how she has periods of boredom in which she can become anxious because she feels that in this boredom she is not moving in any direction.  These periods can come in 15 to 30 minute intervals or longer.  It can sometimes be hard to concentrate on reading or listening to a book, so I was thinking of some kind of active activity.  I was throwing out ideas fast and furious, only to be thwarted at every turn with either an outright no, or a face with immediately let me know the idea was not well received.  These are some of the ideas that I tried and failed with:
Ken Ken
Jigsaw Puzzles
Making Pottery
Building Models
Learning a Language
Playing the Tuba

So my Challenge to all of you is to submit your ideas for MJ's new hobby.  Should she actually take up any of your suggestions you will win my gratitude and a star to go on your refrigerator.

On a little more serious side, my dear friend Nina sent me a link the other day, and I would offer this to any of the readers of this blog for whom it might be appropriate as there are those of many faiths reading this.  Yesterday (7 Jan) began a 9 day Novena for St Peregrine "The Cancer Saint".  The novena can be found at the following link:   http://www.praymorenovenas.com/st-peregrine-novena/
It only takes a few minutes to say and I am sure we can be forgiven for starting a day or 2 late and catching up.  As I said, I am doing this and invite any of you to join me over the next week.

Lastly there was something posted on one of the sites I was looking at for St Peregrine which I believe has exemplified how this battle has been fought by my incredibly strong, brave and loving Sister.  Obviously this is from a Christian site, but I think you all can get the idea of what I am referring to.

is limited

It cannot
cripple love,
It cannot
shatter hope,
It cannot
corrode faith,
It cannot
eat away peace,
It cannot
destroy confidence,
It cannot
shut out memories
It cannot
silence courage,
It cannot
invade the soul,
It cannot
reduce eternal life,
It cannot
quench the spirit,
It cannot
lessen the power of the Resurrection.


  1. Hmmmm - MJ knows I'm a big knitter, so if I lived closer I'd probably bring her some needles and yarn and see if I could change her mind :) But failing that, there are lots of other crafts that can be done in short bursts and have a minimal learning curve - crochet, scrapbooking (both digital and paper), making jewelry, either stringing beads or something more elaborate. making things out of fimo clay, making friendship bracelets, embroidery, weaving on a little pin loom or a bigger tabletop loom....check out http://www.purlbee.com/craft-projects/ for more ideas. Have fun!

  2. I have a great hobby that I love -- making jewelry. MJ has been the recipient of some of my efforts. It has all the qualities I love in a hobby: it doesn't require much skill, you get to work with pretty gems and crystals, and you get to design pieces to match every outfit in your wardrobe. What's not to like? Be happy to bring over a care package of supplies and teach her the basics.


  3. All good hobbies.
    Here's a suggestion: Maybe put on some music, at least to take the edge off of the anxiety. You could put on wild, crazy music and shake your arms and legs, clap your hands, or shake your head. Bang a drum. The movement could help release some of the built up energy. You could put on some calming music. Maybe calming or wild symphonic music. Whatever works! Then do one of the hobbies!
    Also, smell your essential oils.
    Sending hugs,

  4. How about origami? I can visualize the house full of flying swans and other creations! Wait, here's another idea- you can learn to make animals and flowers out of bath towels- just like you're on a cruise.


    P.S. on a more serious note, I can help you with learning a language (Italian), although i do think that origami might be more entertaining...

  5. One of the fun things about spending time with you, MJ, is getting to hear your MJisms - all those turns of a phrase ("Are we are running with scissors or with the Olympic torch?") and nuggets of personal and professional wisdom you share. How about capturing some of those humorous insights and hard earned truths in a creative format? On note cards, a deck of tweets, short e-books, in a doodle book, whatever format or materials feels interesting and fun. You could create them just for yourself, to give as gifts, as inspiration for a future product .. who knows? You have a great big brain and an even bigger heart, this could be a way to use both! xxxooo to you, Jonathan, Sam and Zoe from all the Fuller-Beckers - Tracy

  6. Here's a crazy idea. What if you did a daily photo portrait featuring MJ as a famous character. Clearly, one of them would wear a crown (so, maybe, Queen Elizabeth?). MJ's wildly creative (and wacky) side could result in some fabulous works of art.

  7. Just solved the hobby question! Realizing in conversation with MJ that she doesn't have hobbies; everything she does--and everything she loves to do--that's not about her family and friends feeds into her work. So what's a "hobby" that's not a hobby and would feed her work, let her feel productive and creative, and that she can do sitting in bed with a laptop on her knee? Writing case exercises for negotiation training that focus on the gender issues, of course! We had a great brainstorming session about a personal presentation case and how women's clothing and makeup choices can hinder, derail, delay (and occasionally HELP?) them get what they want. Can't wait to see what she writes!

  8. Dearest MJ, take a page from my book...almost literally...I'm poised to start writing installments for my memoir, in part instigated by daughter Jackie's urging. I'm not going to try to write a 'tome,' but a series of thematic essays-of-sorts to minimize need for some kind of a life continuum that in my case would be incredibly boring.

    Blairsville as children, court cases in Oakland, etc. Observations about your 'rents. Etc.

    I for one would purchase a copy, paid for by past winnings from your brothers at the cinch table.

    Just a thought. xxxooo John Robert

    1. I would would have to be an inexpensive book...."Paid for by past winnings from your brothers"??? Have you been playing fantasy cinch again?

  9. Crochet? Can make little squares in small increments and I'll sew them together for you? Very colorful squares, of course. Happy to help in any way.

  10. Here-here, all of the above. Especially love the idea of a book -- or card deck? Draw a new card every day -- of MJ-isms. One of my favorites: "Who walks into the room?" That has steeled me for many a meeting….